Hi! I’m Clare Dibble. I’m so curious and the internet connects me to lots of knowledge, but I read it and then the details fade. So, this blog is to add an element of science to my love of discovering the world around me.

As a scientist, a student, and a mother of students, I’m disappointed with science can seem like just a pile of facts to memorize and not a creative method of inquiry. It is both the pile of facts that are the best we currently can agree to and a method of picking up and looking at those facts to check if they are really real. I want my kids (and all people really) to understand that science is not just a subject that you are good or bad at. Rather, science is like mindfulness in that it is a practice of paying attention on purpose in a specific way. 

Here I am, enthusiastically jumping in a pool, running around and jumping in again. Learning should feel like this at least some of the time.

If you would like to get in touch, reach out on twitter @aJoyfulNow.