Hi! I’m Clare Dibble.

Lately I have been interested in applying data science approaches to chemical engineering problems, and I am using this site to document what I am learning. I have more than a decade of experience using coding and computational data analysis to solve chemical engineering problems, but previously they had been put together ad hoc to solve the problem in front of me. Last fall, I decided to change that and learn data science techniques in a more systematic way through TechLabs Aachen.

I strongly recommend TechLabs to any engineer who wants to get more serious about their data science skills. The Digital Shaper program includes an online “classroom” phase administered via datacamp and a project phase. I was lucky enough to get placed on one of the industrial collaboration teams, which gave me experience and insight into how even simple projects can deliver real value.

If you would like to find out which potential data projects you have in your organization that might provide quick value for a modest investment, get in touch via twitter @ElementoScience or email me at info at elementofscience dot com.