Computation & Biology

There is a lot of cool stuff going on at the interface of math and biology. This post is to keep track of the corner of this world that my colleagues at Forschungszentrum Jülich, which translates in English to Jülich (the town where it is located) Research Center, have been contributing to. One example, championed… Continue reading Computation & Biology

COVID in Kenya

A recent Science article indicates that sampling the presence of COVID19 virus antibodies in blood donations indicates that it was far more present in the population as of July 2020 than their relatively small number of deaths might indicate. So COVID19 is likely as present in Africa as it is in the rest of the… Continue reading COVID in Kenya

Hello world!

Welcome to Element of Science! This blog serves as a place to capture and share interesting bits about data and society. I’m going to start with a link to this 2005 TED talk by mathematician Peter Donnelly. This talk is important to me for 3 reasons: It discusses in a humorous way how communication gaps… Continue reading Hello world!