Computation & Biology

There is a lot of cool stuff going on at the interface of math and biology. This post is to keep track of the corner of this world that my colleagues at Forschungszentrum Jülich, which translates in English to Jülich (the town where it is located) Research Center, have been contributing to.

One example, championed by Dr. Eric von Lieres, is CADET. CADET (Chromatography Analysis and Design Toolkit) is a collection of fast and accurate mathematical model solvers, especially for of strongly coupled partial differential algebraic equations. Typical bioprocessing applications that this family of mathematical models might apply to include chromatography, filtration, crystallization, and fermentation.

Another interesting thing going on at FZJ is research on automated bioprocessing. This includes both a python-based Framework for Object-Orienteded Modeling of Bioprocesses (FOOMB) and the mibiolab contract research and knowledge transfer. It’s fun to see labs of the future in development.

Finally, Rtlive tracks the reproduction number or “R” value of how viral/ exponential the spread of COVID is in a variety of locations.

I look forward to seeing how these projects progress.

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